Saturday, May 1, 2010

sisters are doin' it for themselves!

At Christmas time my wonderful sister Tracy decided to sponsor one of our women to transition from the beading group into the textile training. Every Christmas Tracy makes a donation to charity in lieu of sending out Christmas cards. She's donated to various charities, one year it was basics for babies, another year she sponsored a woman in Romania and this year she decided to donate to Shanti, which meant I was able to choose the woman that I thought would be the best fit for Tracy. We were setting up 4 new women in the textiles training and Natalies parents had chosen to sponsor Lydia because they had made the donation in the name of Nats grandma (whose name also happened to be Lydia). So that left 3 other women to choose from: Teopista (who was 31 yrs old and a widow and mother to 3 children) Jesca and Rose.

I decided to choose Rose.

Rose always had a mischievous look in her eye and she showed up for everything (have you heard 80% of life is simply showing up?) and she was always dressed to the nines in her gomez (big colorful dress with poofy sleeves and a big tie around the waist). Tracys generous donation was for $250 which covers the cost of the machine and a few supplies to get started. The machines are foot pedal machines so they don't need power but they only go in one direction. We have to lock up the machines at night so they don't get stolen so we had some hooks built into the concrete to chain them down so we can keep them in the round hut.

The highlight of this whole process was telling Rose that it was my sister who had made it possible for her to start the training, she let up a big whoop and started dancing - I wish Tracy had been there to witness the joy she created simply by not sending Christmas cards.

love to you all,


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